How to learn English at home

Nowadays, in the age of a borderless world and international corporation, knowing how to use English properly is a great advantage, it can even ensure that you will not be unemployed; hence, English language centers are being established everywhere. Nonetheless, many people still have a hard time learning this language, even after spending a plethora of money on those language center with the hope of being able to understand the gist of the language. They either lost motivation or they don’t have time. But those are just excuses they make to cover up their laziness. Today I will show you how to learn English right at the comfort of your own home, so no more excuses.


listeningYou will want to practice your listening skills first as this was how you acquired your mother tongue. You can do this by looking for videos with subtitles in your native language to understand and compare the structure of your target language and your mother tongue. During the listening practice, try to focus solely on the videos, don’t pay attention to anything else, otherwise, you are wasting your precious time learning nothing.


communicate-with-other-peopleLook for a partner to communicate. You don’t have to go anywhere far. Just stay at home and connect with people from all over the world using the internet. There are lots of websites that offer you a chance to practice your speaking skill with native speakers. All you need to do is to create an account, set aside a few .hours a week to practice speaking and start speaking instantly.

In addition, watching movies is also a great way to learn English. A whole lot of movies nowadays are in English so you don’t have to worry anything about the lack of resources. What’s left now is choosing the movies that are suitable for you. My recommendation is the 123movies website, which is a huge database of films in English for you to watch. Like the listening practice, you should also turn off any distraction during the movie for the best result.

Next is reading grammar books. All the three steps above are to help you remember the language intuitively without understanding why it is spoken that way. This step will help you with just that. When you have somewhat get the hang of the language, then it’s time to turn to grammar books for better comprehension on how to use the language. At this stage, when you read some grammar points in the book that somehow match with what you know intuitively, the knowledge will become hardened in your memory and you will probably remember it forever.


learning-a-languageTake your time and enjoy the process of language learning. You don’t know how to speak your mother tongue until you were a few years old, so don’t expect to speak perfect English just after a few weeks of learning the language. You will not understand everything at first but that is part of the progress. Relax, have fun while learning and you will master the language before you know it.