A garden, in order to truly be your paradise, needs to be take care meticulously. The same goes for a flower garden. Here are some tips to help you take care of your it.

1/ Choose your placement correctly. Do some research on the characteristics of your plants, then place the in the position accordingly. For instance, plants that can tolerate heat and aridity should be placed directly facing the sun. Whereas plants that have low heat and aridity toleration should be placed somewhere cool, maybe in the shade.

2/ Water them regularly, not too much and not too little. Preferably, water them before sunrise and after sunset. Water the container first, it must be done slowly and repeatedly until water comes out from the bottom of the pot. After that, water the entire trunk and its branch.  Doing so will keep the plants moisturized, green and growing. Remember not to water them at noon when it’s the hottest. The plants could die from temperature difference.

3/ Make sure not to over-water your plants. It’s easier to save a underhydrated plants than to revive a overhydrated one especially during the raining season. Watch out for each plant after the rain, if any pot contains too much water, don’t water them and drain the water out. If necessary, pluck out the plant, bring it to somewhere dry, then plant it back in the pot.

4/ Protect your plants from disease and insects. Like human, if your sick plant is left untreated for a time, the plants would lose its beauty and eventually its life. Take care of your plants ever day, watch out for any sign of disease or insect and deal with them manually. If there are so many insects that handling them manually would seem to take forever, use pesticide.

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