Gardening is an art and a gardener is an artist. And what separates the skillful artists from the apprentice artist is not the big things like how much money you have or how much time you invested in your garden, rather, it’s the little tips and tricks that the skillful artists have up their sleeve. Today, I will show you a few tips and tricks so that you can become a skillful artist yourself.

1/ Root -feeder.

Some plants will grow much faster if water are delivered from the roots rather than from overhead. Watering the soil in which the plant grow is good but making a root-feeder is a much better solution. Get an old plastic bottle, punch lots of holes in it, bury it next to the plant, then fill it with water. The plant roots will get water directly and slowly from it and flourish much faster than you would expect.

2/ Handmade garden stones

Need to know which plant is which but want to be unique and creative. Grab a flat stone, use pens, markers and your creativity to paint on it. This way, you get to show everyone how creative you are, make your garden much more lovely and know which plant is which.

3/ Eggshells

Eggshells are usefull in the garden. Not only can they nourish your plants with calcium, they can repel certain insects as well. So next time you make an omelete, don’t toss the eggshells just yet, your plants will need it.

4/ Free water-sprinkler

Get a used, plastic, water bottle, puncture holes in the area around the bottom of the bottle. Then connect it to the water pipe and you have yourself a free water sprinkler.

A much cheaper way is to puncture holes on the lid of the bottle, fill the bottle with water, recap it and squeeze the bottle. The water will come out nice and slow, suitable for small plants.

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