There’s always seems to be something that needs fixing around the house and a well-equipped toolbox is just the right thing for the job from changing the lightbulb to assembling a bookshelf or doing major any home improvements. Here are the tools everyone should own to get the job done

Firstly, amassing all of them at once could cost you an arm and a leg so the best way is to buy the most necessary tools first (screwdrivers, hammer, wrench, etc) then pick up any necessary tools along the way. That way, you are guaranteed to buy the best quality tools since you intend to use it for a very long time.

Second, depend on how much you want to spend on your tools and how you intend to use them, spend your money accordingly. For example, if you only need a hammer to hang a picture on the wall, then spending money on a profession hammer would be a waste. If you intend to do some major project then consider buying a high quality gear. You don’t want to put a project on hold while in the search to replace a broken or not-up-to-the-task tool.

Thirdly, don’t buy into the hype of all-tools-in-one tool. It may sound very tempting but don’t buy it. If a tool is design to accomplish many different jobs, it probably does not do any of them very well. It may well end up being the least used tool of all time..

In addition, tools needs to have home, too. Find a toolbox that is suitable for your gear. Preferably, find something that have separate section for each tool and stack them neatly in the box. You don’t want to run frantically around the house looking for the missing wrench when the water pipe is leaking.

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