Only a small garden, the small plant pots positioning in the small yard are enough to make your house look more alive. But if done incorrectly, what intended to be the highlight of the houseĀ  could turn out to be the sore sight for eyes. Here are some tips on how to keep a garden healthy.

1/ Regular trimming.

Cut off any lifeless leaves so that the plants look green and full of energy. Don’t hesitate to remove the wilted and sick branch. Without them, the plant will use its nutrition to cater for the other branches, boosting the growing process. Trimming also restrict the growth of mosquitos and other insects hiding in the pots, thanks to which your health will be in good condition.

2/ Choose somewhere with lots of lights

The process of photosynthesis can not happen without sunlights, so a place where the sun shines the most is the prerequisite for the growth of plants. Moreover, sunlights also helps plant boost the production of chlorophyll, which, in turn, purifies the air around the house.

3/ Good soil

The simple way to know whether the soil is good or not is to hold the soil in your hand, if it is porous then it is good.

4/ Positioning of plant pots.

The smart way to do it is to place the smaller plants closest to the sun and the taller plan behind them. With that placement, the taller plants will not block the sunlights of the smaller ones and each plant will have an equal access to sunlight which is critical to the process of photosynthesis.

5/ Choose the proper tools.

You need to be well-equipped to take care of your garden more easily. Remember to buy the equipment in accordance with the size of your garden.

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