1. Tools are an essential part of our home. Whether we want it or not, there are always things that need fixing around the house. However, you don’t need a huge set of tools for your personal home. Here are the best tools for taking care of your house.

    1/ The multi-screwdrivers

    It’s the screwdriver with many heads so there are fewer things to lose. Looking around the house, there are screws everywhere, the fans, your phone, even your kid’s toys. It is never redundant to have it in your house

    2/ Tape measure

    An indispensible item for measuring length and width and sizes of things. Extremely useful for calculating the placement of furniture or the floor plans. It’s better to measure more than once and get things right than doing it wrong and redoing it later, right?

    3/ Level

    Want to hang all the pictures in a straight line, this is the perfect tool to do so. Some people are good at leveling with their eye. This tools takes all the guesswork away so you don’t have to rely on your instinct all the time.

    4/ Electric drill

    Drilling means creating holes and the electric drill is the ultimate luxury when you have used your hand to turn too many screws, making big project go quickly and with a lot less muscle.

    5/ Flashlight

    Sometimes, repairing can take place in the absent of light, i.e power outtage or in dark corners. They run on batteries or is rechargeable. Make sure it is always ready to help you take care of your home even in dark condition.

    6/ A ladder

    Painting, changing lightbulbs, changing fixtures, etc and any repair that takes place up high. A ladder is a must for any home. Unless you can touch the ceiling with your own hand unaided, I’d say it’s never a waste to buy one.

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