In a typical household, a toolbox is an indispensible and necessary item because there is always something that needs fixing, e.g a lightbulb that needs changing, a water pipe needs replacing, a fans needs repairing, etc. For that, here are what you need to have the perfect toolbox in your home:

Obviously, you will need a toolbox, not the box with tools already inside but a box to contain your tools. It should, needless to say, have enough space for your tools, have separate section for each tools and most important of all, it should be easily portable.

For the content inside, I’d recommend the hammer first.

Capable of generating great force onto small surfaces, i.e hammering a nail and other stubborn, hard-to-come-off stuffs, it will help you decorate your wall with personal photos, paintings or maybe your children’s certificate of merits, etc with ease. Advisably, a medium sized hammer is enough to take care of all the things inside your house.

Next is the screwdriver. Most of the household appliances nowadays are held together by screws. Therefore, when you need to open them out to fix them, a screwdriver is your companion. I’d recommend having it in many shapes and sizes as there are a lot of different types of screws today.

Moving on, the wrench is next in line. Apart from being held toghether by screws, household appliances currently in the market are also kept from falling apart by nuts and bolts. Because of that, the wrench has the same importance as the other tools. Again, my advice is to have different types and size of wrench for many different kinds of nuts and bolts.

Next comes the pincers, i.e the tools you would use for holding or twisting something with great force or maybe cutting something hard like steel wire, extremely useful for bending something back to its original shapes. That makes it no less importance than other things in your toolbox.

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