Note when cleaning the ruched white comforter

  • The use of a washing machine to wash the front door because the front door is usually washer cleaning large load volume, if not, you should bring blankets to the professional laundry shop.
  • With soap: Should use less foam type, low alkalinity, pH medium. So will not dry fur blanket and no loss of natural oil ruched white comforter. Without soaps which can be used by a small drop of dishwashing liquid.
  • Use cold water or warm water to wash. To remove all traces of soap, rinse at least three times. This is extremely important because if the discharge is not enough, the¬†white ¬†ruched comforter will become stiff and messy.
  • Do not dry ruched white comforter with heat extractor section. This can make the feathers stick to the hard ball in the washing machine. Squeeze at low temperature and to enter the two tennis balls to help loosen the feathers.
  • Get out of the machine quilt and hung up. Shake well to coat and place redistribution blanket behind a cool dryer. Wait until completely dry comforter.

Silk Comforter

Silk is a natural fiber, so if want to use silk costumes durable, you should keep using, laundry. Wash before sewing silk lightweight and fast cleaning, not so long soak. It is best to dry cleaning.

  • For an amount of laundry soap with bleach into the machine and then put blankets low on.
  • For washing machines in “gentle” (gently) and use cold water to wash.
  • During the discharge, can add a little liquid fabric softener to increase the porosity for breeding.
  • Hang up and let the quilt blankets are dried naturally. The natural drying will not be twisted by raising dryers.

Premium Silk Rugs

  • Always use soap and cool water of mild detergent or warm water when washing. Never use bleach with silk.
  • Only the washing machine when washing silk by washing machines have safety mechanisms for spin silk mode labeled “gentle” or “delicate” (gently). If the washing machine does not have the regime that should bring blankets washed by hand or go dry.
  • Only silk dried by machine with dryer if natural drying, drying by cooling. If the machine does not have that mode, will only take a few minutes to reach the dryer temperature silk destroyed.
  • Avoid drying silk in direct sunlight because of this ruin the quality of silk and silk cause fading.

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